Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 Race Car

Porsche RS Spyder Continues to Rack Up Le Mans Series WinsThe Porsche RS Spyder was designed and built specifically to compete in the the 24 Hours of Le Mans, American Le Mans and Le Mans racing series, where it falls under the Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2) class. Sponsored teams include the Penske Racing Porsche RS Spyder, and the Porsche race car continues to notch up wins, both class wins and overall wins, in endurance racing series around the world. As per LMP2 regulations, the Porsche RS Spyder has an engine displacement of just under 3.4 Liters, and runs on 10 percent bioethanol fuel. The German-sourced race car has had great success in the American Le Mans racing series, taking home more wins in the LMP2 class in recent years than any other competitor. According to official American Le Mans racing series documentation, Porsche is the only manufacturer with an entry in the series which can claim that their Porsche RS Spyder Le Mans cars are built on the same assembly line as the Porsche German sports cars offered to the buying public. Far from being just about bragging rights and drumming up interest, the Le Mans endurance racing series the Porsche RS Spyder competes in are about testing new technologies which hope to trickle down into Porsche, and other competitors' parent companies, consumer model lines. Because the LMP2 Porsche Spyder competes in the prototype class, rather than the GT classes, Porsche is not required to produce RS Spyder-spec cars for road use, as is the case with BMW's M3 GT2 endurance racing cars or Porsche's own 911 GT3 Cup Car, for example. Still, prototype endurance racing is an exciting sport, which gives automakers a chance to try out their newest technologies on the world stage. RS Spyder 2008 [Courtesy Porsche Press Release] In order to exploit the scope provided by the LMP2 regulations (Le Mans Prototype 2) to the full, Porsche has completely revamped the RS Spyder. The new design ensures that engine, transmission, chassis, suspension and aerodynamics combine to produce a harmonious overall package. In the interests of optimum driving dynamics, the vehicle concept focuses on the lowest possible centre of gravity, high agility and good traction. The RS Spyder was the dominant vehicle in the 2007 American Le Mans Series (ALMS), demonstrating outstanding stability and notching up 11 wins in the 12 races, including 8 overall wins. The RS Spyder has undergone a detailed revamp for the 2008 season. The main focus was on fine-tuning the aerodynamics and the engine. The V8 racing engine developed for long-distance use continues to generate 478 hp with the prescribed air-flow limiter on the basis of a displacement of 3.4 litres. The fuel consumption has been further optimised and the engine has been adapted even more effectively to the E10 fuel containing 10% bioethanol which is required in the ALMS. The regulations also necessitated additional modifications. As a result of these measures, the LMP2 minimum weight has been increased by 25 kg (ALMS) and 50 kg (LMS and Le Mans) and the tank capacity has been reduced by 10 l for LMS and Le Mans, though not for ALMS. The direct shift gearboxes used in modern Porsche sports cars were first tried out on the German sports car manufacturer's LMP2 Porsche RS Spyder. Endurance racing is a curious beast, requiring cars, drivers and pit teams to focus on durability and fuel economy as much as performance, as each necessary stop in the pit means time off the road.
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